Hot Drinks (drink in / take away prices)


Cup of tea £1.80 / £1.70
Pot of Novus Loose Leaf Tea for one (English Breakfast) £2.00

Pot of Novus Loose Leaf Tea for two (English Breakfast) £3.00
Variety of Loose leaf Tea (Decaffeinated; Spicy Rooibos, Egyptian Mint, Persian Pomegranate)

Cup £2.00/Pot £2.20

Other fruit and herbal teas are available.


Kokoa Single Origin Hot Chocolate (milk, dark or white). Add 50p for cream and marshmallows £2.60 / £2.50










Hot Drinks (drink in / take away prices)


Island Roasted Coffees. All coffees available as decaf and made with semi skimmed, skimmed or soya milk.

Oat or coconut milk 40p

Cafetiere (2 cups) £3.00
Espresso £1.80 / £1.70
Americano £2.20 / £2.10
Macchiato £1.90 / £1.80
Cappuccino £2.60 / £2.50
Flat White £2.60 / £2.60
Latte £2.60 / £2.50
Vanilla / Caramel / Hazelnut/Gingerbread Latte £2.90 / £2.80
Mocha £2.90 / £2.80
Babychino £1.50

Extra coffee shot 50p


Still Water 330ml £1.00
Sparkling Water 330ml £1.00
San Pellegrino - flavoured water orange or lemon £1.50
Folkingtons Juice (Orange, Mango, Pear, Apple or Elderflower) £2.30
Fruit Shoot (Orange or Blackcurrant & Apple) £1.20
Diet Coke £1.40
Coke £1.45
Lemonade £1.40
7 Up £1.40
Freshly prepared ice cream milkshakes (Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry) £3.00


sandwiches/toasties and panini

All sandwiches/toasties and panini are freshly made to order with a choice of white or granary bread. Gluten free bread available on request (wherever possible all ingredients are locally produced) Sandwiches/Toasties (served with salad garnish, coleslaw and crisps). Add 30p for a toastie and 50p for a panini

Mature English Cheddar Cheese with locally produced chutney £4.75 
Thick cut ham and locally grown tomatoes £4.75
Mature English Cheddar Cheese & Thick Cut Ham with Mustard £5.25 

Free Range Egg Mayonnaise £4.50 
Dolphin friendly Tuna Mayonnaise and cucumber £4.75 

Dolphin friendly Tuna Mayo Melt panini  £5.50
Hummus & sautéed mixed sweet peppers and rocket £4.95

Brie & Cranberry sauce £4.95

Mozzarella, locally grown tomatoes & green pesto £4.95

Please see Specials board for alternative fillings and bread.

Jacket Potatoes

Jacket Potato (served with salad garnish and coleslaw)

Butter £3.95

Baked Beans £4.75

Dolphin friendly Tuna Mayonnaise £5.25

Mature English Cheddar Cheese £5.25

Additional toppings 75p each 

salads and soup



Mature English Chedder cheese, Ham, Egg or Tuna Mayonnaise served with a mixed salad and coleslaw £5.50


Homemade Soup and bread (see Specials Board) £4.25 (available from October to March)

Cakes, muffins, cookies and traybakes from £2.00
Please see display for selection and prices.

Plain or Fruit Scones with butter and preserve £2.75
Cheese Scone with Mature English Cheddar Cheese and local onion chutney £3.50

Cream Teas available from Easter to September

Cream Tea for one

Two scones (plain or fruit) butter, preserve and clotted cream with a pot of English Breakfast tea or an Americano coffee £6.00

Cream Tea for two

Two scones (plain or fruit) butter, preserve and clotted cream with a pot of English Breakfast tea for two or a cafeterie of  coffee £7.00

Breakfast / Light Snacks

Granola, Greek yogurt, Fruit compote/honey £3.75

Toasted tea cake with butter £1.75 
Croissant £1.50
Toast (2 slices of white, granary served with butter and preserve / honey / nutella or marmite) £2.20 
Crumpets (2) served with butter £1.75 

Crumpets (2) served with butter and mature cheddar cheese £2.75 

Cheese and Ham in a toasted English muffin £2.75

Scrambled eggs on toast (2) £3.95

Baked beans on toast (2) £ 3.50